the end of winter.

and as he crumples even more underneath,
the world finally hears him screaming,
screaming for help,
screaming that he cannot breathe.

a crow sways gently off the tree,
accompanied by a heavy raindrop from the sky
he touches the ground and lies there all alone
until a certain white boot steps on him,
crushing him into pieces. almost.
the crystalline drop of water spreads across,
polishing his mixed shade.
a shade that rests somewhere between gray and black
somewhere between life and death.
and as he crumples even more underneath,
the world finally hears him screaming,
screaming for help
screaming that he cannot breathe. 

the white boot steps forward and leaves,
but the muffled cries of the bird remain.
for they echo across town as he exhales one last time
and that one heavy raindrop, breaks into rain. 
nearby birds that have grown wingless over time,
whisper within themselves,
‘another was murdered today.’
yet this time, a storm begins to erupt 
and slowly the beaked creatures realize
that as long as the white boot is a power hungry predator 
black birds will always be its prey.

and so,
they gather to shield the lifeless crow,
righteously grieving the loss 
of many more than the world will ever care to know.
and as the sky cries out louder than it ever has,
they flap their wings and caw in sync,
for it’s finally time 
to bid farewell to their 400 year long caged winter, 
and to end the await of a relieving spring
it’s time to lift the white boot from their throats,
so that the weeping black birds
can finally sing.

here, the lifeless crow symbolizes the death of george floyd. // the following are a few references that i made in the poem:

i. ‘somewhere between life and death’ – this is to highlight the fact that he didn’t die at once, but that he lay there pleading and screaming for a deafening 5-10 minutes.

ii. ‘echo across town’ – his murder sparked several questions against the racism that is still extremely prevalent in today’s world.

iii. ‘a storm begins to erupt’  – several protests took place despite the presence of an ongoing pandemic. instead of light rain/complaints, people were enraged and expressed their support through petitions, donations and much more. 

iv. ‘400 year long caged winter’ – it has been 400 years since the establishment of slavery in the United States of America//

7 thoughts on “the end of winter.

  1. wow, I’ve always loved your writing Misha. This post really moves me. Such depth you have. The pain that you capture. Very well done. Thank you for this and spreading awareness. Your soul is very beautiful

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  2. Sake of knowledge. Few states had slavery in the USA. The Eastern and Northern states fought against the south. In 1865. 20 states supported Abe Lincoln. My white uncle died for the north fighting for the freedom of all in 1862. I am Ojibwa/Mexican and white. When you use white, it offend me and many people. There are good people and bad people of all races. Look at Africa, look at what Saudi Arabia is doing to Yemen. Iraq kill the Christians in the mountains and few complain. It is white, it isn’t brown or black. It is hate, it is greed and it is money. Look-up how many children die in the big cities in the USA. Thousands are dying of all color. We need human kindness. Not reasons to be separated. The murder of George Floyd was wrong and the police are being punished. There are bad people and there are good people. There are bad leaders and there are good leaders. We need to be kind to each other.

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    1. thank you for this. you’re so right. kindness is highly needed in our world today. it is what humanity should rely on for years to come.

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