hope is what keeps us alive.

I finally have faith,
For I have realized,
That hope,
Is what keeps us alive.

empty streets, and empty roads are all that’s left of us.

I’m walking

on an empty road.

It has no end,

so I keep walking

hoping to see where it takes me.

As I walk,

I slowly lose faith

in it all.

What’s the use of hope

when you know there’s no end.

My hope fades away,

and I stop. 

Maybe this is the end.

I sit and put my head down


there is a tap on my head.

A stranger has come to help.

He takes my hand,

and asks me to go on a walk with him.

Who am I to decline

such a beguiling face?

I walk again

this time, 

a little less numb,

a little more content. 

There is still no end,

but I realize that

the journey is worth it all.

A while later,

a storm comes,

and his grip on my hand


Until, I don’t feel him at all.

In fact,

I feel nothing at all.

My soul has left me,

along with the storm,

and I stop.

I am tired,

of walking.

I want this journey to end,

and so I realize

I have to keep walking,

so that I reach the end.

Somewhere on the way,

I remember

there is no end,

but I can’t stop

for what if I meet,

another stranger on the way?

One whose grip won’t loosen

when the storm comes

but in fact,

become tighter

and so,

I keep walking.

I finally have faith,

for I have realized, 

that hope,

is what keeps us alive. 

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