The reason why I’m starting this blog.

Trust me, it’s not why people usually start a blog.

I believe that when people give advice or just any kind of knowledge about life, they are really talking to their past selves. To their younger selves, who were still naive and didn’t know much about life. It’s like they’re trying to prevent you from making the same mistake they made before.

This is for everybody out there, surviving. You all are so strong.

Heyyy to anyone reading this. THIS IS OFFICIALLY MY FIRST POST YAYYYIIIEE. I’ve been procrastinating on making this blog for the past 3 months. But you know what, it’s 2019 now. Time for new beginnings and all that crap which I’m trying really hard to believe in, this year. As you know from the title of this post, I’m going to share the reason why I’m creating a blog with you all. You might have gotten a broad idea of what I’m about to tell you by the little quote kinda thing I wrote above, but anyways here we go.

Firstly, I feel as if this part of my life, is very important and right now – everything which is going on in the world has raised so many questions and thoughts and opinions in my mind that I feel the need to vent out somewhere. Not just to my best friend, or to my sister, but to as far as my voice reaches. I may sound like those patriotic over achievers but I really want to create an impact. Something I really enjoy doing – is writing, so I thought why not combine the two? Going back to this part of my life being very important. I know going into high school isn’t a huge deal, especially in our country, but I believe that this period of going from someone who thought a person shouting at me in 5th grade was the biggest problem in the world, to someone who is socially aware and understands the various difficulties people go through in this world – is one of the major but not talked about enough part of puberty and maturity.

Secondly, school hasn’t been the absolute best or worst, but what it has been is – a place which has given me memories I will never be able to forget or replace. As cringe worthy as it sounds, I love that shithole. Furthermore, these memories have taught me lessons, left me with experiences, and quite a chaotic life. I sound like any other teen and I’m sorry about that but, in reference to my little quote above – I really want to be able to have a platform to generally talk about things or some advice I would have given my younger self. Don’t worry it won’t be the cheesy ‘Don’t fall in love’ type. Giving advice to my past self, won’t just be about what I should have or shouldn’t have done. I want to talk about the issues which surround our community and environment, the issues I wasn’t aware about at that age. Issues many people still aren’t aware off.

Us lucky ones have been provided with so much in life – electricity, food, water and much more. But most importantly we have education which we can share with those who weren’t as fortunate as us, and what better way to do this than to use the internet as our platform. Many people say that social media is a curse, and the internet is destroying childhoods and that it is an addiction which I totally agree with. Internet’s misuse can be very harmful. But if we have electricity in our houses, we have network, routers, if we have internet in our house and possess any kind of knowledge then shouldn’t we combine both? Shouldn’t we try to use it for the better, and set an example for those who misuse it? What if someone takes it the wrong way? What if it becomes an addiction? 
There can be so many what if’s, but we need to take the chance. Every thing we say on here, can have an impact on someone’s life. It’s up to us whether or not make it a positive or negative one. If we have so much then it would be a waste to throw it all away, don’t you think?

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